Gratitude (Feb. 8 – 14)

  1. Extremely helpful and useful meeting with a former student
  2. Dinner with an old friend (Feb. 8)
  3. Lunch at one of my favorite restaurant’s in Batavia
  4. Talking with a good friend via Skype
  5. Dinner and catching up with good friends in Illinois
  6. Seeing the baby son of a couple of my friends again
  7. Seeing and catching up with colleagues from Fermilab and around the world
  8. Joining the social media team on NOvA for a meeting with the Fermilab social media director
  9. Good food and fun stories at the NOvA Collaboration Dinner (Feb. 10)
  10. Cake celebrating celebrating the NuMI beam achieving 700 kW
  11. Welcoming new institutions to the collaboration
  12. Connecting my grad student with the NOvA collaboration
  13. Keeping in touch with my wife during the trip
  14. Safe drive to the airport
  15. Safe flights home to Rapid City
  16. Ride home from the airport with my wife
  17. Good lunch at O’Hare and dinner in Minneapolis
  18. Productive group meeting upon my return
  19. Picking up my bike from the shop
  20. The city bus system was sufficient to get me to work without my bike
  21. It was also sufficient to get me from work to the bike shop to pick up my bike
  22. Turning in my travel paperwork
  23. Joining the IV prayer group again
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