Gratitude (Feb. 15 – 21)

  1. Seeing Moana with my wife and children of our friends
  2. Recognizing one of the constellations in the night sky in Moana
  3. Buying tickets for a German dinner next month
  4. The day off for Presidents’ Day
  5. Beautiful weather this weekend (Feb. 18-20)
  6. Participating in the Feb. Rapid City Community Conversations on the 16th.
  7. Dinner with friends in Spearfish (Feb. 18)
  8. An excellent concert from the Offutt Brass.
  9. Starting to read Lakota Woman
  10. Getting old files moved into a more accessible location
  11. Yoga class resuming for the semester
  12. A huge crowd at Mines Myth Busters
  13. Our physics demonstrations went well, especially the plasma ball
  14. The kids had fun at my demonstration, and I learned lessons for future events
  15. Good planning meeting for our upcoming conference
  16. My wife was able to organize the community meal while I was at the Myth Busters event.
  17. Enjoying time with friends at karaoke (Feb. 17)
  18. Having fun singing karaoke
  19. Good discussion of Daniel with friends at the Wobbly Table (Feb. 17)
  20. A nap before karaoke.
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