Gratitude (Feb. 22 – Mar. 7)

  1. Successfully removing the stopper and unclogging our bathtub drain
  2. The section of The Gifts of Imperfection on gratitude that reminded me to write this list
  3. Good meeting planning for our upcoming conference in May
  4. Spring Break giving me a week off of planning for class
  5. Several parts and tools have arrived in my lab
  6. Good conversation via Skype with a great friend
  7. Delicious food at the German Dinner sponsored by the Germans from Russia Heritage Society
  8. Good conversation at the dinner
  9. Discussion on the effects of television with the group at church
  10. Bringing snacks to church
  11. Asking questions at the final legislative Cracker barrel
  12. Speaking with my state senator at the Cracker barrel
  13. Discussing the final details of our siding project with the contractor
  14. Watching the final episodes of the first season of Timeless
  15. Time to relax over the weekend (Mar. 4)
  16. Watching Red Green with my wife
  17. Contacting my state legislators about bills I consider important
  18. My wife assembling our new water filter and softener
  19. Our plumber installing the filter and softener
  20. Successfully disposing of the salt from the old softener
  21. Crab buffet with my wife and physics colleagues in Deadwood
  22. Catching up with colleagues at the buffet
  23. Meeting and working with my colleagues new postdoctoral research
  24. Planning for the neutrino oscillations plenary and parallel sessions at the upcoming conference
  25. Yoga class
  26. Learning about a new pedagogy at a faculty development workshop
  27. Difficult but important discussions at the workshop
  28. New questions for me to think about at the workshop
  29. Physics lunch club at Tally’s
  30. The results of the Small Group Instructional Diagnoses for my class
  31. Planning for the advanced lab class in Fall semester
  32. Our new applicants for the Physics Ph.D. program
  33. Helping a student during my office hours
  34. Buying a used student laptop for home use
  35.  Transferring knowledge of the radon monitor to the new postdoc
  36. Physics colloquium from one of our atmospheric physics grad students
  37. My wife used some of my ideas in her class
  38. The student art exhibit at the art gallery on campus
  39. Geology colloquium on hydraulic fracturing experiments at Sanford Lab
  40. Practicing in the tuba/euphonium sectionals for band.
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