Gratitude (Mar. 8 – 14)

  1. Attempted to improve my MythTV system to allow streaming from one computer to another in our house.  Along the way, I also…
  2. …installed Xubuntu for the first time
  3. …made our latest laptop a dual boot machine
  4. …upgraded my current MythTV installation
  5. …learned how to remove a program with apt
  6. …burned an ISO onto a DVD for the first time
  7. …think God sent me a message about accepting setbacks and being permitted to enjoy a hobby even if it is not “useful” by some definitions.
  8. Successfully inflated my bike tires with Presta valves for the first time (Mar. 13)
  9. Interesting discussion about pipe organs and pianos at The Well potluck (Mar. 12)
  10. Selling two used toaster ovens
  11. Bringing food to The Well potluck
  12. Writing thank you cards for my birthday gifts
  13. Electrical work in my lab is complete
  14. Plumbing work in my lab is complete
  15. New tools have arrived for my lab
  16. Part of my lab equipment is being tested for radon emanation
  17. One of my students completed a requested data analysis
  18. Another student received his first mention in a collaboration-wide e-mail.
  19. Judging a pie-eating contest as part of a Pi Day fundraiser on campus
  20. Pi day social with my physics department colleagues
  21. Takeout BBQ
  22. Buying new combination locks for my wife
  23. My wife’s willingness to get pied in the face for a good cause
  24. Writing blog entries for Move United Church
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