Gratitude (Mar. 15 – 21)

  1. Lunch club at Pacific Rim
  2. Trimming my mustache makes it much easier for me to play the tuba with facial hair
  3. Started writing an exam
  4. Tests complete on part of my radon monitor
  5. Holding the side plank pose in yoga for a few seconds
  6. Watching Here Comes Garfield with my wife
  7. Having backup plans in case of various problems
  8. Picking up 5 pounds of trash from our yard with a large magnet sweeper, which is a four-foot long bar magnet on wheels.

    Yes, the hammer was one of the things we pulled out of the yard with the sweeper.

  9. Fitting the magnet sweeper in the van
  10. Returning the magnet sweeper on time
  11. Good discussion on Daniel at the Wobbly Table
  12. New software for my computer
  13. More free time due to yoga class cancellation (Mar. 21)
  14. I am doing well in my tasks for the upcoming conference
  15. Good meeting planning for our advanced lab class next semester
  16. Interesting colloquium by one of our students
  17. Productive Graduate Committee meeting
  18. Getting house prepared for community meal
  19. Good food and friends at the meal
  20. Helping one of my students improve his code.
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