Gratitude (Mar. 22 – 28)

  1. Installing UV shielding sleeves over my lab lights
  2. The exam I wrote for my class was not too long
  3. My presentation at a colleague’s group meeting went well, and I came away with several good ideas
  4. Lunch club at Gyro Hub
  5. Learning about Korean naming traditions
  6. Learning about the origin of the names of some of my friends’ children
  7. Beautiful weather for biking (Mar. 22)
  8. Presentation to a NOvA task force went well
  9. Dinner at Saigon with my wife
  10. Learning important plans for the campus at a faculty forum
  11. Uninstalling unneeded software from a laptop
  12. Ice cream from Armadillo’s
  13. Seeing a colleague while waiting in a long line for ice cream
  14. Good discussion about consumption at The Well
  15. My colleague’s daughter is still alive.
  16. Finding and fixing a problem (replaced bad part) in our radon monitor
  17. Starting a new test with our radon monitor
  18. Data from the new test looks good so far
  19. Judging the 2017 High Plains Regional Science and Engineering Fair
  20. Learning many things at the fair including…
  21. …pickle juice is very high in electrolytes
  22. …an electromagnet using single D-cell battery is not enough to pick up a paperclip
  23. …sixth graders can give amazingly good verbal presentations
  24. …making lye at home is hard
  25. …with lye, one can make homemade soap that is quite effective.
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