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My Speech from the Rapid City March for Science

Amazingly, a recording of (almost) my entire speech is on the South Dakota Public Radio website! It is missing a part of the beginning due to issues involving sound system problems and a bullhorn. You can listen by pressing play … Continue reading

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Gratitude List (Apr. 5 – 25)

I have not posted  one of these in a while for multiple reasons. With a friend’s daughter dying, I didn’t feel like being grateful. Of course, that is the time when it is most important to be grateful, so here … Continue reading

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I will be Marching and Speaking for Science Tomorrow!

The March for Science is an international set of marches that intends to be “the first step of a global movement to defend the vital role science plays in our health, safety, economies, and governments.” I will be speaking at … Continue reading

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Come to our Concert Sunday! Listen in Person or on Facebook!

To listen live, come to the SDSM&T Music Center (Map). To listen on Facebook wherever you are, go the the SDSM&T Music Center page.

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Mourning Friday

Yes, “Friday is good because of Sunday,” but I wish we used the German term for this day: Karfreitag (Mourning Friday). Yes, “Sunday’s coming,” but it is not here yet. Skipping to Sunday skips the real and necessary grief that … Continue reading

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Gratitude (Mar. 29 – Apr. 4)

The deeply moving presentation by Dr. Donna Beegle helped me to better understand my neighbors living in generational poverty. Lunch club at Hu Hot Getting thank-you cards to people whom I have been meaning to give them to for weeks Important … Continue reading

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Tuba Beard

I have played the tuba since 5th grade (1991), and I have had a beard since last December. These two parts of my life did not get along well at first. Playing the tuba with facial hair presents a problem because … Continue reading

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