Gratitude (Mar. 29 – Apr. 4)

  1. The deeply moving presentation by Dr. Donna Beegle helped me to better understand my neighbors living in generational poverty.
  2. Lunch club at Hu Hot
  3. Getting thank-you cards to people whom I have been meaning to give them to for weeks
  4. Important conversation with my counselor
  5. My new gum balls and a good book arrived
  6. Opening a package of scientific items to test
  7. Starting a new book
  8. Lots of good food and music at the Cultural Expo
  9. Meeting people interested in my research at the expo
  10. Making plans for an upcoming trip to Minneapolis, including plane tickets and hotel reservations
  11. Good conversation about Daniel 7 at the Wobbly Table
  12. Dinner at the buffet in Deadwood
  13. Productive meeting planning for the CoSSURF conference in May.
  14. Confirming a speaker for the conference
  15. Great potential upcoming speaking opportunities
  16. Judging presentations at the student research symposium
  17. Multiple people associated with physics won prizes at the symposium
  18. Multiple interesting seminars this week
  19. Prayer group on Tuesday
  20. Good food and time with friends at community meal
  21. Meeting a friend’s baby for the first time at the meal
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