Mourning Friday

Yes, “Friday is good because of Sunday,” but I wish we used the German term for this day: Karfreitag (Mourning Friday).

Yes, “Sunday’s coming,” but it is not here yet. Skipping to Sunday skips the real and necessary grief that that we need (or at least I need) to feel before the Resurrection and many other times in life.

Before Sunday, let me grieve Jesus’ torture and death along with the innumerable other evils in the world right now. Let me grieve my own sins and shortcomings along with what they apparently required of the Son of God. Let me grieve how far short of his example I fall every minute of my life.

On Sunday, I will take all the hope, forgiveness, and love that I can get, but for now, let me grieve.

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  1. Jackie says:

    Yes, and yet you do not grieve the same way that the believers grieved on the day. You grieve with hope. You grieve in remembrance. (As do I.)

    We grieve understanding it was part of the holy plan.

    I also like to take Saturday to feel deeply, to try to identify with those who mourned and moved his broken body. But I have skipped ahead in the story. I’ve read ahead and know the plot twist. So even though I grieve, it is different.

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