Gratitude List (Apr. 26 – May 3)

  1. Teaching my final class of the semester!
  2. Lunch club at Noodles & Co.
  3. Good meeting about upcoming construction near my lab
  4. Testing the latest version of a colleague’s cosmic ray detector app on my phone
  5. Dinner at Pizza Ranch
  6. Making more plans with friends on my upcoming trip to Minneapolis
  7. Deleting enough from my e-mail mailbox so it is no longer full
  8. Important decisions and information regarding graduate admissions
  9. Finished writing the final exam for my class
  10. Reception for our departing school president
  11. Planning signs for our upcoming conference
  12. Beautiful singing and friends at a choral concert (April 28)
  13. Helping my wife get ready for her trip
  14. Her safe (if delayed) trip to San Antonio
  15. Keeping in touch with her while she is travelling
  16. Finishing laundry
  17. Mowing our front lawn
  18. Watching Mystery Science Theater 3000 on a free trial of Netflix.
  19. Safe and punctual flight from RAP to MSP
  20. Good conversation with colleagues at the U of Minnesota
  21. Lots of good restaurants near my hotel
  22. Target grocery near my hotel
  23. Artwork on a bridge where I caught the bus to my hotel 
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