Gratitude List (May 4 – 9)

  1. Mass transit in Twin Cities means I didn’t need to rent a car while here
  2. Delicious food at Annie’s Parlour
  3. Good conversation with friends at Annie’s
  4. My “shadow” shift was helpful and informative
  5. I also helped to improve the remote control room where I am working
  6. Good conversation with a colleague about teaching and diversity in physics
  7. Helping my shadow shifter prepare for his upcoming shift
  8. Dinner with a friend from high school (May 5)
  9. Despite forgetting my lunch, I was able to go back to my hotel and return only slightly late for my shift, thank in part to a bus that was going my direction on the way back.
  10. Good internet connection in the hotel room.
  11. The Target Express near my hotel where I have been able to buy breakfast lunch supplies
  12. Smoothie and conversation with friends who picked me up at the hotel.
  13. They also gave me a ride to another friend’s house (Katie)
  14. Katie’s family gave me dinner and we were able to catch up on our lives. I was able to meet her husband and cute sons.
  15. Successfully packing for my return trip.
  16. The problems encountered by the experiment overnight seem to be resolved.
  17. My wife getting to donate food to an animal shelter and visit some kittens.
  18. Good conversation with a friend via Facebook
  19. Good food at the MSP airport
  20. Safe and punctual flight back to Rapid City
  21. Watching my wife play on our church’s softball team
  22. Cheering with friends at the game
  23. Good meeting about our upcoming conference
  24. Attending public hearings on a proposed uranium mine in South Dakota
  25. Good food and friends at community meal
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