Gratitude (May 10 – 16)

  1. Finished grading final exams for my class!
  2. Entered the final grades for my class
  3. Skype conversation with a colleague about a great app that I will probably write more about soon.
  4. Skype conversation with a good friend
  5. Helping my wife with her grading
  6. Buying pizza as part of a fundraiser
  7. Grocery shopping trip (May 11)
  8. The banner for our upcoming conference arrived
  9. Our secretary is back from her successful surgery
  10. Settling some details about an upcoming trip.
  11. Preparing our basement for plumbing work
  12. Harvesting the first (small) radish from our garden
  13. Booking a rental car for my upcoming trip
  14. Planning dinner with friends on an upcoming trip
  15. Our conference (CoSSURF) is off to a good start
  16. Being interviewed on SDPB about the conference
  17. Buying rain barrels from a friend and former pastor
  18. TV interview with KNBN
  19. Good food at the CoSSURF banquet
  20. Fun, good, and important conversations at the banquet.
  21. Riding to and from the banquet with my wife
  22. My wife driving me to the airport
  23. A surprisingly strong positive reaction to one of the presentations
  24. Safe and punctual flights from RAP to MSP to ORD.
  25. Despite some delays and impatience, I had a rental car from the airport to my hotel
  26. Recommendation from a colleague for a less expensive hotel than the one I had originally chosen.
  27. Staying in touch with my wife while traveling.
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