Gratitude (May 17 – 23)

  1. Helpful tutorial session on physics software my students and I will need to use
  2. Wonderful dinner with a friend in Illinois
  3. Catching up with my friend
  4. Ice cream at one of my favorite places in Batavia
  5. Buying breakfast supplies at Walgreens
  6. Good discussion with a student via Skype
  7. Catching up with colleagues at the Collaboration Meeting
  8. Buying gifts at the Fermilab gift shop
  9. Good collaboration dinner
  10. Dinner with friends and one of their little children
  11. Giving a gift to the little one
  12. Delicious breakfast at one of my favorite places in Batavia
  13. Returning rental car easily.
  14. Making a connection despite the previous flight’s delay
  15. A colleague was on the same flight
  16. Colleagues were greeting other passengers who were contestants in the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC).
  17. My wife gave me a ride home from the airport
  18. Ice cream and dinner with friends
  19. Volunteering as a tour guide with ICPC
  20. A surprise trip to Mt. Rushmore as part of being a volunteer
  21. A locksmith quickly opened and replaced a door handle in our basement
  22. Successfully cleaning some of the house
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