Gratitude (May 24 – 30)

  1. Useful training on online student feedback forms
  2. My wife mailing gifts I bought on my trip to friends
  3. Setting up my rehearsal talk to prepare for an upcoming conference
  4. Useful phone meetings (May 25)
  5. An important meeting with a student
  6. A volunteer appreciation gathering for ICPC volunteers
  7. Multiple shirts as a reward for volunteering
  8. The tubing on our radon monitor is reassembled and ready for the next test
  9. Getting started on my presentation for the conference
  10. Mowing our lawns
  11. Watching funny videos with my wife
  12. Making scrambled eggs with fresh garden greens
  13. Buying a new weed whacker
  14. Notifying our credit union of our upcoming travel
  15. My rehearsal talk for the upcoming conference went well.
  16. Cleaning our house for community meal
  17. Good food at the meal
  18. Coloring and playing Lego with our friends’ daughter
  19. Showing her, at her request, around our garage
  20. Listening to a member of my former church on the radio over the internet.
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