South Dakota Neutrinos in the News!


Earlier this month, I helped organize the second Conference on Science at the Sanford Underground Research Facility. It was a very successful gathering of scientists and engineers from multiple disciplines to discuss all of the science being conducted and planned deep underground in a re-purposed gold mine in Lead, SD.

The lead organizer (Dr. Richards Schnee) and I were interviewed about it multiple times.

I’m glad we live in a place where getting on TV and radio for a good reason is this easy.

South Dakota Public Radio

Source: Scientists Gather To Explore Neutrinos | SDPB Radio

NewsCenter1 NBC (KNBN)

Source: The world’s leading scientists coverage at SDSM&T

Black Hills Fox (KEVN)

Those studying the universe underground came back up to the surface this weekend to share their research and experiments.

Source: Sanford Underground Lab hosts international conference

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