Gratitude List: Wichita (June 11 – June 16)

We have and will be traveling a lot this summer. This list is about my trip to Wichita State University for a NOvA Collaboration Meeting. For the photographs at the Cosmosphere, I sometimes couldn’t get far enough away from the object to capture it all in the frame.

  1. Effective medicine for an illness I developed on this trip.
  2. Safe and punctual flights to Wichita
  3. My wife giving me rides to and from the airport in Rapid City
  4. Rides to and from the airport in Wichita
  5. My former boss giving a very nice performance on the saxophone at the collaboration dinner.
  6. Good food, drinks, and conversation at the dinner
  7. Fascinating colloquium on antimatter and gravity after the collaboration meeting
  8. My student was able to make valuable connections at the meeting
  9. Safe drive to the Cosmosphere, where I saw…
  10. … the Apollo 13 command module
  11. … a restored V-2 rocket
  12. … a restored V-1 rocket
  13. … Sergei Korolev and Wernher von Braun’s slide rules
  14. … a genuine Vostok space capsule
  15. … a window from the Space Shuttle Columbia (removed before the disaster)
  16. … a SR-71 Blackbird
  17. … a copy of Pravda reporting on Yuri Gagarin’s spaceflight. He was the first person in space.
  18. … Soviet and American space suits.
  19. … a full scale model of a rocket from the Gemini program.
  20. I also learned quite a bit about the V-1 and V-2 rockets.
  21. Despite a delayed flight out of Wichita, I had enough time to make my connection in Denver and arrived safely and on-time back home in Rapid City.
  22. My wife drove me home from the Rapid City airport.
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