Gratitude (June 17 – 27)

  1. Skype conversation with a good friend (June 26)
  2. Preparing for the next step in commissioning of our radon monitor
  3. Watching my wife’s team play (and win one game) in the church softball league
  4. The opportunity to “keep the book” for our team
  5. Bringing snacks for our church
  6. Catching up with our friends at church
  7. Buying a needed supply for a dish my wife is making
  8. Getting a few treats while shopping.
  9. Shopping at the Farmers’ market new location (June 25)
  10. Kettle corn
  11. Grilling out for the first time this summer
  12. Conversation with friends over grilled dinner
  13. Safe drive to and from The Badlands
  14. Mostly clear and beautifully dark skies for the Badlands Astronomy Festival
  15. Seeing Saturn and Jupiter through large amateur telescopes, especially the Cassini Division in Saturn’s ring
  16. Two bright Iridium flares
  17. Seeing Pluto and 3C-273 (the first quasar identified, 2.4 billion light years away) through one of the telescopes at the festival
  18. All the beauty of the night sky, including the Milky Way
  19. Getting our upstairs bathroom cleaned
  20. Helping my wife get started on a project in the bathroom
  21. Learning how to cross the moat that was in front of my lab due to elevator shaft construction
  22. Food and friends at community meal
  23. The Clarinet Madness Concert
  24. Talking with friends after the concert
  25. More soil for our garden potatoes
  26. Enough fresh peas from our garden for my lunch vegetable for a few days.
  27. The moat has been filled in.
  28. Physics lunch club (June 27)
  29. My wife’s excellent lasagna at community meal
  30. Catching up with friends at community meal
  31. Sharing photos of our trip to Prague
  32. Complements on my beard
  33. Voting on upcoming NOvA meeting dates.
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