Gratitude (June 28 – July 4)

  1. Rain for our garden (June 28)
  2. Watching Red Green with my wife
  3. Learning more about how to power the department telescope without an electrical outlet
  4. July 3 and 4 off from work
  5. Deciding on a cloud backup for our computers
  6. My wife’s talent for arranging decor
  7. Putting decorations on walls that have been sitting in boxes for nearly four years
  8. Printing and forming two of my best photographs from the past year
  9. Good deal on frames
  10. Meeting new colleagues in the Faculty Lounge
  11. Watching fireworks from a hill near our house on July 4
  12. Being more aware of the reasons why some Americans are reluctant to celebrate Independence Day.
  13. Good lunch at La Costa after our Sunday brunch plans didn’t work out
  14. Ice cream sale at Safeway
  15. Bringing snacks to The Well
  16. Finding digital photograph I thought I had lost
  17. My wife installing new towel bars and clothes hooks in the upstairs bathroom
  18. Getting the bathroom clean after the installation
  19. Moving a pile of sticks to a less obtrusive place in our backyard.
  20. Removing a clog from our garage gutters.
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