Gratitude (July 5 – July 11)

  1. Our electrician removed unneeded cables from our house
  2. Important conversation with a colleague
  3. Having a job flexible enough for me to attend the town hall meeting by our lone Congressional representative Kristi Noem
  4. Enough interest to pack the town hall with at least 120 people (my estimate)
  5. The 4-H students who were at the town hall
  6. The audience was more than willing to express disagreement with Noem and each other
  7. Staring to de-clutter our living room
  8. Bonus frequent flyer miles from a new credit card
  9. My first yoga class at Sol Yoga, and I was the only student!
  10. The graduate student who helped me teach people about radioactivity in everyday objects at Neutrino Day
  11. All of the people who attended Neutrino Day.
  12. Great support from University Relations for our booth at Neutrino Day
  13. Seeing friends from church at Neutrino Day
  14. Driving from Neutrino Day to home, the library, my office, and the airport in time for our flight to MSP.
  15. My wife finishing the packing while I was at Neutrino Day.
  16. Safe, punctual flight to MSP.
  17. Good dinner at the airport
  18. Shuttle van to Eau Claire
  19. Our hotel is next door to the shuttle drop off location
  20. 24-our convenience store across the street from our hotel
  21. Visiting my grandmother
  22. Good weather for our time in Wisconsin
  23. Visiting, eating, and catching up with my parents, aunt, and sister around a backyard fire in Wisconsin
  24. Petting Willow, the office cat at the Chippewa Valley Airport Service Eau Claire location.
  25. Beautiful lightning on the ride back to the Twin Cities
  26. Safe flight and drive home.
  27. Starting to set up the advanced lab class I will be teaching in the fall.
  28. Good conversation and food at community meal
  29. Looking at pictures and toy trains with the daughter of our of our friends
  30. Attending an open house about the Downtown Master Plan for Rapid City
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