Gratitude (July 11 – July 17)

  1. New shoelaces to replace my fraying old ones.
  2. Participating in the Downtown Master Plan open house (July 11)
  3. Community meal with friends
  4. Playing trains with the daughter of the community meal hosts
  5. Watching videos with her
  6. Physics lunch club at Pizza Ranch (July 12)
  7. Good discussion with the organizers at the MPO transportation open house
  8. Trimming my beard
  9. Creating a digital picture frame with electronics we already had around the house.
  10. Working on my Entertainment PC
  11. Taking the day off
  12. Watching Guardians of the Galaxy 2, which was far better than I expected and surprisingly moving
  13. Good discussion at the Wobbly Table
  14. A new member at the Wobbly Table
  15. Good meeting with University Relations about the upcoming groundbreaking at the Sanford Underground Research Facility
  16. Testing a card game with my wife
  17. Successfully testing the Physics Dept. telescope on a 12V battery
  18. Buying cinder blocks from Menard’s
  19. A well-timed call with my wife the kept me from unnecessarily trying to bring home 2 tons of cinderblocks.
  20. The physical strength to move and place the cinderblocks I did need
  21. Menard’s rain barrel kit
  22. Setting up the first phase of our new rain barrel system
  23. Getting laundry put away
  24. Decluttering our living room
  25. Setting up the first experiment for our upcoming advanced lab class
  26. Organizing and rediscovering photographs from earlier in my life
  27. Beautiful concert (part of the Rushmore Music Festival) at the Cathedral
  28. Good discussion at The Well about time and values
  29. Making several important phone calls this morning (July 17).
  30. A wound on my hand seems to be healing well
  31. Quick medical appointment to look at the wound
  32. Watching my wife’s team win their first softball playoff game of this year’s tournament
  33. Buying water and ice for the team for their possibly long series of playoff games tonight
  34. The campus electrician showing me how to shut of some lights to make stargazing easier for the BHAS outreach event for the SDSM&T GenCyber camp.
  35. Taking the team picture
  36. Exploring the timer feature on the audio Bible on my phone
  37. Lunch club at Pauly’s
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