Gratitude (July 18 – Aug. 8, 2017)

This summer has been busy, so I haven’t been writing as much as I would like, but here I am now with a three-week gratitude list.

  1. A wound on my hand seems to be healing well
  2. Quick medical appointment to look at the wound
  3. Watching my wife’s team win their first softball playoff game of this year’s tournament
  4. Taking the team picture
  5. Beautiful sky while taking the picture
  6. Exploring the timer feature on the audio Bible on my phone
  7. Packing ice and water for the second day of the softball tournament
  8. My wife’s team took second place in the tournament
  9. Thank you to the Black Hills Astronomical Society for volunteering to create a wonderful star party for a high school girls’ cybersecurity summer camp at South Dakota School of Mines and Technology on Tuesday!
  10. The campers were exemplary in their patience (certainly more than me) as we waited for clouds to clear and in their curiosity.
  11. We saw Jupiter, three of its moons, Saturn’s rings, the Ring Nebula, a globular cluster, and others.
  12. All of the work my wife put into organizing and teaching at the camp
  13. Time to rest this week
  14. New RAM for my Entertainment PC
  15. Ideas for how to record the upcoming total solar eclipse
  16. Progress in preparing for my class this fall
  17. Making hotel reservations for our upcoming trip
  18. Making airport transportation arrangements for the upcoming trip
  19. Our rain barrels have started collecting rain!
  20. Good conversation at the Wobbly Table (July 21)
  21. Watching the LBNF groundbreaking ceremony at the Sanford Underground Research Facility
  22. Meeting the Governor of South Dakota at the groundbreaking
  23. Meeting our sole representative in Congress Kristi Noem at the groundbreaking
  24. Meeting Senator Mike Rounds
  25. Our School prepared a press release to go with the groundbreaking
  26. Good conversation about finding “our song” at The Well
  27. Beautiful and delicious fruit bowl (made out of a watermelon) at The Well
  28. Helping my wife make homemade chicken noodle soup
  29. The wound on my hand is healed and almost invisible
  30. Planning for my next set of NOvA shifts at the U of MN
  31. Completing the outline for my visit to Anselm House, which under a different name was a critical group for my spiritual growth in college.
  32. Skype conversation with a good friend (July 24)
  33. Dinner with my wife’s softball team to celebrate the season
  34. Some of the children of team members found a giant Connect Four game in the restaurant’s outdoor section
  35. Stared writing my part of our department’s five-year review
  36. Finding good deals and helping a friend’s family while shopping at an estate sale
  37. Kayaking on Canyon Lake
  38. Our kayaks still float
  39. Good (less hot) weather for kayaking
  40. Buying and preparing snacks for The Well
  41. Meeting about renovations to the building that houses my lab
  42. Good conversation about difficult life events at prayer and book group
  43. My new phone (Motorola Moto E4)
  44. Activating my new phone online
  45. My new memory cards fully work in my camera
  46. Taking bad news in a healthy way
  47. Getting the second experiment for PHYS 350 set up
  48. Getting bathrooms cleaned
  49. De-cluttering living room
  50. Putting kayaks away
  51. Getting many other house chores done (Aug. 6).
  52. My parent’s wedding anniversary
  53. Time to rest this weekend (Aug 5)
  54. Finding a good deal on lodging for my upcoming trip to Minneapolis
  55. Riding on the Mickelson Trail for the first time
  56. A colleague to guide me on the trail
  57. Seeing wildlife (including young turkeys) and lush scenery on the trail
  58. Riding longer that I though possible when I first started (10 miles uphill)
  59. Grilling for our weekly Community Meal
  60. The weather was good for grilling and eating outside
  61. Harvesting our first garden carrots of the year!
  62. Conversation and good food with friends at the meal
  63. Adjusting my bike seat to a more appropriate height
  64. Starting to watch Doctor Who
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