Gratitude (Aug. 9 – 15)

  1. Having dinner with my wife at Sabor
  2. Buying new pants, including an unexpected deal
  3. Good meeting with a colleague about our departmental review
  4. Starting to set up another experiment for my fall class
  5. Choosing a textbook for the fall class
  6. Summer nights
  7. Finalizing the list of experiments for my class this fall
  8. Taking measurements and ordering parts for my environmental tester.
  9. Starting to read The Cat Who Could Read Backwards with my wife
  10. Our garden seems to have survived a hailstorm.
  11. The hailstorm did not strike while I was out biking
  12. Hosting friends for a backyard pot luck (Aug. 13)
  13. Beautiful weather for the potluck
  14. Good food from friends and from the fireplace
  15. Finding graham crackers and chocolate for s’mores
  16. Good meeting with Facilities about future renovations of my lab space
  17. Watch one of friend’s children (Jacob) perform in a local play
  18. The play was a hilarious and surprisingly deep satire of American history
  19. Jacob performed very well!
  20. Walking around the mall after the play
  21. Calling and meeting with potential deck repair contractors.
  22. Physics Lunch Club at Chili’s
  23. Community meal with friends
  24. Bringing cheese and bread to the meal
  25. Learning about people’s past eclipse experiences at the meal
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