Gratitude (Aug. 16 – 22)

  1. Seeing a total solar eclipse for the first time
  2. Enjoying it with colleagues and students
  3. Being able to drive people to the eclipse
  4. Having very little traffic on the drives
  5. Fun conversations with people on the trip who were very interested in dark matter and particle physics
  6. Dinner at the Central States Fair with my wife
  7. Finally finding decent fries at the fair
  8. Winning two blue ribbons for my photographs at the fair!
  9. Lots of good food, including turkey legs and funnel cakes at the fair.
  10. Discovering that a child magician performing at the fair is a friend’s daughter.
  11. My wife’s homemade sweet potato soup
  12. Meeting new people at community meal
  13. Good food and conversations at the meal
  14. Planning our writing tasks for our departmental review
  15. Catching up with friends at church
  16. Reading with my wife
  17. Signing up for band again
  18. Starting adult swimming lessons
  19. Buying small but necessary supplies for my lab
  20. Accidentally being an hour early to the Rapid City Community Conversations meeting meant I was able to help set up the room.
  21. Learning a lot during the conversation.


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