Gratitude (Aug. 23 – 29)

  1. Good meetings with students (Aug. 23)
  2. Lunch club at Murphy’s
  3. More progress in deciding responsibilities for our departmental review
  4. Meeting a colleague’s baby
  5. Our first University Band rehearsal of the semester
  6. We have three tuba players in the band
  7. Watching our SPS team come within one second of winning their round of Pig Wrestling at the Central States Fair
  8. Playing in the “hamster balls,” similar to the ones below:
  9. Good Skype conversation with a friend
  10. Donating to a Boy Scouts rummage sale
  11. My wife’s dedication, expertise, and patience in getting video streaming from our Entertainment PC across our wireless network.
  12. We now have portable access to our recorded TV shows with and open source system!
  13. Good and encouraging discussion about “Circles of Grace” at The Well
  14. Picking up my prize-winning photos and prize money.
  15. I think I have finally found a way to get my household chores done reasonably well.
  16. Paying Faculty Lounge dues
  17. Having lunch with other people in the lounge
  18. Good meeting with postdoc about the radon monitor
  19. Dinner with my wife at La Costa
  20. Starting to clean my lab after construction
  21. My wife’s pasta salad for community meal
  22. Good food, friends, and conversation at the meal
  23. Petting cats and guinea pigs at the meal
  24. My wife’s advice on teaching
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