Gratitude (Aug. 30 – Sep. 5)

  1. Helping my wife buy exercise equipment and make space for it.
  2. Unpacking and/or removing several boxes left from our move
  3. Preparing to donate some of the things we unpacked
  4. Drafting an important letter
  5. Working with a colleague on a puzzle over lunch
  6. My friends I meet with each Friday morning
  7. My new graduate student finished cleaning up our lab
  8. Getting the first results out of the clean lab
  9. Dinner at Pizza Ranch with my wife
  10. Shopping at the Farmer’s Market, especially finding a new kind of plum (Sep. 2)
  11. Downloading and using an app that allows me to stream recordings from my Entertainment PC to my phone within our home wireless network
  12. Getting the house cleaned for community meal this week
  13. Writing birthday cards for friends and family
  14. Lunch club at Famous Dave’s
  15. Sitting in on part of an interesting music theory lesson for band students
  16. No class on Labor Day
  17. Finishing a draft of my part our funding renewal application
  18. Hosting community meal at our house
  19. Meeting a new faculty member and family at the meal
  20. Reading another chapter of The Cat Who Could Read Backwards with my wife.
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