Gratitude (Sep. 6 – 12)

  1. Being informed of and correcting a small problem in our experimental electronics.
  2. The data from the new setup looks like it should
  3. Finding and correcting a mathematical error in our proposal before we submitted it.
  4. Finishing all of my assigned and volunteered tasks for our proposal
  5. Spending time with my wife when I could not sleep
  6. Another interesting discussion of music theory that we sat in on.
  7. The InterVarsity prayer group has started again for the semester
  8. Signing up for staff yoga this semester
  9. A graduate student made chili to share for lunch
  10. Despite missing Physics Lunch Club, my wife and I had a nice lunch at Einstein Bros.
  11. Make final decisions about an exam
  12. New library card
  13. Physics Root beer float social, the first physics social of the academic year
  14. Picking up some workout equipment with my wife
  15. Beautiful sunset while driving to get the equipment
  16. Our van made it through a hailstorm outdoors with no damage
  17. Dinner with my wife at Baan Thai
  18. Cooking over the fire with faculty colleagues at our house
  19. Meeting a colleague’s wife for the first time
  20. Good potluck and discussion at The Well
  21. First recitation of the semester went well and had good attendance
  22. Good friends, conversation, and yoga at community meal
  23. Our friends who invited us to their home to see the aurora (Sep. 7)
  24. Photographing the aurora for the first time
  25. Interesting training on Starfish
  26. A baker for the Faculty Lounge
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