Gratitude (Sep. 13 – 19)

  1. Donated our solar eclipse glasses to Astronomers Without Borders
  2. Giving rides to people for Physics Lunch Club
  3. Taking time to rest (Sep. 14)
  4. Making some donations to Goodwill
  5. Installing audio recording software on my computer
  6. Useful Faculty Development Meeting
  7. Finished reading the book Proof of Heaven
  8. Finished reading There is Nothing Wrong with You
  9. The basic message of There is Nothing Wrong with You is true (II Cor. 5:16-21; Romans 8:1)
  10. M-Week picnic (indoors this year due to poor weather)
  11. Buying plan tickets for an upcoming work trip
  12. Choosing deck colors, railings, etc. for deck repair
  13. My wife’s conference in Orlando occurred despite the aftermath of Hurricane Irma
  14. Her flights were safe and on time
  15. Keeping in touch with her and seeing her beautiful pictures while she was traveling
  16. Seeing Wonder Woman at The Elks Theatre
  17. Faculty and Staff yoga started again (Sep. 19) with a large attendance
  18. Biking to Community Meal
  19. Catching up with friends and celebrating a birthday at the meal
  20. First good measurements with our lab equipment
  21. Beautiful clouds at sunset
  22. A good picture of a would-be passenger on my bike
  23. Straightening and repotting my Dracaena
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