Gratitude (Sep. 20 – 26)

  1. Physics lunch club at Kathmandu
  2. My wife’s flights back from Orlando were safe and punctual
  3. She received a ride home from a colleague
  4. Interesting discussion of one of the pieces in band rehearsal
  5. My flight to Minneapolis was safe and punctual
  6. I was able to take public transit to my lodging
  7. My AirBnB hosts (including the dog) have been friendly and welcoming so far
  8. Keeping in touch with my wife while traveling
  9. Excellent food and catching up with friends at Annie’s
  10. An AirBnB room within walking distance of the U of MN Physics building, where I am taking NOvA shifts
  11. My first day on shift went well
  12. My presentation and discussion at Anselm House went extremely well, and I received many compliments and thanks afterward.
  13. The bus from my shift to the presentation was free
  14. Catching up with friends over dinner after the presentation
  15. A ride back to my room from my friends
  16. Another good day on shift (Sep. 23)
  17. Interacting via video with some visitors to Fermilab’s Open House
  18. Finding good food for dinner
  19. Meeting both of my Air BnB hosts
  20. Taking trains back to the airport
  21. Safe and punctual flight back to Rapid City
  22. Ride home from my wife
  23. When a problem occurred during my shift, I was able to contact the appropriate experts, who resolved the issue.
  24. Good food for dinner at the airport.
  25. Time to relax at the airport before my flight
  26. A new student has officially joined my research group.
  27. Finished unpacking from my trip and put my suitcase away
  28. Borrowing a cassette tape player from a friend
  29. Successfully recording from tapes to digital format
  30. Good conversation, food, and cats at community meal
  31. My wife made good and colorful (purple) mashed potatoes for the meal
  32. She also helped me deal with a burn I accidentally gave myself while helping with the potatoes
  33. Interesting All Faculty meeting
  34. Reading and talking with my wife before going to bed
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