Gratitude (Sep. 27 – Oct. 3)

  1. Successfully performing surgery on a cassette to splice broken tape and recover most of the contentEffectiveness and simplicity of noise reduction in Audacity
  2. Making important decisions about the Physics curriculum in the future
  3. Important discussion about the history of “The Star Spangled Banner” and recent controversies about it during our band rehearsal
  4. Disconnecting rain barrels for the winter
  5. Buying a new rain coat, which is working well so far
  6. Buying supplies for testing different TV antenna locations
  7. Getting chores done around the house
  8. Practicing my tuba between rehearsals (Oct. 2)
  9. Reserving a rental car for my upcoming trip
  10. My student arrived safely at Fermilab
  11. Trying a new restaurant (Inferno) with Physics Lunch Club (Sep. 27)
  12. Seeing a colleagues new house
  13. Starting to think that I am making a significant contribution to the Inclusion Committee
  14. Getting my bike tuned up and repaired
  15. Selecting a new book for the Wobbly Table (The Gospel of the Kingdom)
  16. Meeting at a different coffee shop while our usual one is changing locations
  17. Hiring someone to seal our front deck
  18. Plumbing repairs in our basement bathroom
  19. My wife buying chocolate for me.
  20. Watching the Pumpkin’ Chunkin’ competition downtown, including the SPS team
  21. Finding this stenciled on the sidewalk downtown
  22. The painted lady butterfly migration
  23. Transferring cassette tapes to digital formate using a borrowed tape player and open source software.
  24. The new student in my lab successfully analyzed our latest data
  25. Riding my bike with a cargo of dishes, fire-starting supplies, and s’more supplies, to community meal
  26. Staring and tending a fire at the meal
  27. Wonderful food (vegetable curry) at the meal
  28. Roasting marshmallows
  29. A lovely concert after community meal.
  30. Help cleaning up my supplies
  31. A friend willing to lend me gloves after I had lost one of mine
  32. Finding my lost glove!
  33. A friend’s son’s help with getting the fire going using dryer lint.
  34. Catching up with a good friend at the meal.
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