Gratitude (Oct. 18-24)

  1. Making apple crisp with my wife for friends
  2. Good conversation and catching up with friends over dinner
  3. Good meeting with student
  4. Meeting a member of the band I had not met before
  5. Borrowing a piece of equipment from a colleague
  6. Getting a key to a room I will need in the future
  7. Harvesting carrots from our garden for my lunch
  8. Making bison curry with my wife
  9. Learning more about my family history
  10. Difficult but important conversation with a friend
  11. Helping a student improve her talk
  12. Helping a student who randomly wandered into my office with his homework
  13. Biking a part of the Rapid City bike trail I had not before
  14. Learning about Lakota culture at the latest Rapid City Community Conversation
  15. A staff member who taught me the beginning of how to use the school’s financial monitoring software for my grant
  16. Time to rest and recover while I was sick
  17. Complements on my teaching from one of my students
  18. Getting everything packed for my trip
  19. My wife coming to my rescue after I locked my key in the van
  20. A good discussion of stories and facts at The Well
  21. Cute rabbit outside the Physics building
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