Gratitude (Oct. 25 – 31)

  1. Catching up with friends and their little boy
  2. Productive Institutional Board meeting
  3. Connecting my graduate student with other members of the collaboration
  4. Chicago style pizza with two graduate students
  5. Tasty appetizers before the pizza
  6. Catching up with other friends while one of them was rebuilding a car
  7. Meeting new collaborators
  8. Ride to O’Hare
  9. Safe and punctual flight back to Rapid City
  10. A non-stop flight to Rapid City
  11. Helping my wife with her work
  12. Starting to prepare class for this week
  13. A fun and excellent Halloween-themed concert from the music program at Mines
  14. Takeout from Kathmandu
  15. 45 trick-or-treaters came to our door
  16. I think my first class after returning from my trip went well
  17. Started preparing our rain barrels for the winter
  18. Arrived back in time for a colleague’s colloquium
  19. Good meet with a friend
  20. Finding the solutions manual for the textbook for my class
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