Gratitude (Nov. 1 – 7)

  1. Attending 3 of the faculty forums for SDSM&T Presidential candidates
  2. Good and short meeting about our department website
  3. Dinner with my wife before band rehearsal
  4. My wife auditioned for a solo in our upcoming concert
  5. My student returned safely from Fermilab
  6. Successfully accessing my grant account information on our school’s system
  7. Lunch conversation with colleagues about the candidates
  8. Good conversation about the “Spirit of Christmas” at The Well
  9. Emptied, cleaned, and stored our rain barrels for the winter
  10. Trimmed my beard
  11. Helped my wife with laundry
  12. Buying an outdoor antenna
  13. Buying some small needed tools for my lab
  14. Removed air conditioner from our bedroom window and stored it for the winter
  15. Interesting (and disturbing) seminar on abandoned uranium mines near Native American communities
  16. Finding a replacement while our department secretary is temporarily out
  17. Skype conversation with a good friend
  18. Getting fresh deionized water for our lab
  19. Harvesting potatoes from our garden!
  20. A friend and former roommate of mine, who is now a physics professor, received a grant for his “effort to develop coding tutorial videos aimed at the high school level, and free training sessions for high school physics teachers to learn to code.”
  21. My wife made delicious soup for our community meal
  22. Catching up with friends at the meal
  23. Indian taco sale
  24. Good meeting with student (Nov. 7)
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