Gratitude (Nov. 8 – 14)

  1. Major cleaning and organization of our home office
  2. A student helping me fix an error with our Entertainment PC
  3. Learning how to transfer VHS tapes to digital format using our Entertainment PC
  4. Good food and conversation at our church’s weekly pot luck
  5. Transferring the first tapes to digital format
  6. Attending a lefse making demonstration and rolling out my first lefse there
  7. Buying lefse making tools
  8. Phone call with my sister
  9. Phone call with my parents
  10. Warm enough weather to enjoy the sun outside
  11. Testing the new TV antenna
  12. Fixing water drainage issues in my lab
  13. Interesting physics colloquium from one of our grad students
  14. Getting some dishes washed
  15. Finding a workaround for another problem with the Entertainment PC
  16. Having more material prepared for class than I needed (Nov. 15)
  17. Starting to clean a rust stain off of our basement wall
  18. Starting to work on syllabus and textbook selection for my class next semester
  19. Making multiple donations and other errands on Nov. 10
  20. A day off on Nov. 10
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