Gratitude (Nov. 15 – Dec. 5, 2017)

Thanksgiving and the end of the semester have been busy times, and I have not kept up on my gratitude lists. To make up for the gap, here is a triple-length edition!

  1. My new 128 GB USB drive arrived
  2. The drive works with both my Linux laptop and my phone
  3. Successfully downloading new open source video editing software
  4. Using that software to trim the recordings I have made from VHS tapes.
  5. Reformatting my new USB drive so that it can be read by Windows, Linux, Android, and hold large video files.
  6. Getting many chores done on Sunday (Nov. 19)
  7. Watching the children of two friends in a production of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
  8. Helping my wife with her work
  9. Deciding on which antenna to keep
  10. Deciding how and where to mount the new antenna
  11. Good and surprisingly emotional discussion of Christmas memories and music at church
  12. I was able to find and by White Out (liquid paper) when my wife needed some
  13. Our fall band concert went very well, and several of our friends and colleagues attended
  14. The concert was live streamed and is available to watch again (our band begins at about the 50 minute mark)
  15. Physics Department Thanksgiving Feast
  16. My wife providing our contribution to the feast
  17. Good conversations and fun at the feast
  18. Leftovers from the feast
  19. One of my students made some good looking plots for a presentation I gave
  20. Making plans for the Thanksgiving break at home and for work
  21. Bringing treats to the final band class of the semester
  22. One of our band members demonstrating a kayagum, a Korean musical instrument
  23. Interesting Inclusion Committee meeting
  24. Learning more about myself and how much childhood experiences affect my current attitude towards money
  25. Teaching my last class of the semester
  26. Getting my final and exam and solutions written on time
  27. Taking snacks to the Physics Department Gift Exchange
  28. Getting a gift I actually liked at the exchange
  29. Hanging up our inside Christmas decorations
  30. I also discovered another part of fractal human culture: pens!
  31. Physics Lunch Club at Mackenzie River
  32. Finishing the editing of all of our VHS to digital transfers
  33. Good discussions about selecting our next book for the Wobbly Table
  34. Successfully installing the new antenna on our deck
  35. So far the antenna is working, and we are receiving 21 channels over the air with clear reception, including the one I was most concerned about.
  36. Final garden harvest of the year!
  37. Making kale and carrots with the harvest from our garden
  38. My wife was excited that she was finally able to make progress painting our kitchen
  39. The kitchen looks beautiful
  40. She was also to hang up the new baskets at the left in the picture above
  41. Moving the fridge out of the way for painting was fairly easy
  42. Being invited to a friend’s house for Thanksgiving Dinner
  43. Bringing dessert and snacks to the dinner
  44. Wonderful food for Thanksgiving
  45. Catching up with friends
  46. Meeting new people
  47. Taking home leftovers
  48. Saving the leftover turkey bones for making broth
  49. Interesting colloquium on the recently discovered neutron star merger GW170817
  50. Having lunch with the colloquium speaker
  51. Helping a colleague by proctoring a classes evaluation
  52. Watching Clarinet Madness perform at the mall
  53. Lunch at the mall food court
  54. Skype conversation with a good friend (Dec. 2)
  55. A beautiful Christmas concert at the Cathedral
  56. Seeing two tuba players playing their tubas while walking
  57. Hilarious performance by Σ Improv (Sum Improv), which is our student drama club’s monthly improv event
  58. Σ Improv accept several of my suggestions for “Scenes from a Hat.”
  59. Helping a friend move
  60. The friend fed us pizza and bread sticks for helping move
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