Gratitude (Dec. 6 – 12)

  1. Learning how to improve the sound quality and crop some of my video recordings
  2. My interview with SDPB is online
  3. The people who have complimented me or otherwise responded positively to the interview
  4. Booking the venue for an upcoming celebration
  5. Walking around a lake in good weather (Dec. 9)
  6. Time to rest when I am feeling a bit sick (Dec. 9)
  7. Hosting community meal
  8. Helping my wife prepare the main dish (soup) for the meal
  9. The soup was delicious
  10. Catching up with friends at the meal
  11. Catholic Lego
  12. A good conversation with a good friend here (Dec. 7)
  13. The opportunity to be our department’s representative at the upcoming commencement ceremony
  14. Beautiful candle lighting ceremony at church
  15. Compliments on my homemade sauerkraut at church and at my wife’s department social
  16. Lots of good food at the church potluck
  17. Lots of good food at the department social
  18. Discussing gravitational waves and neutron star mergers at the social
  19. Being able to my wife get up early to proctor an exam
  20. Watching funny TV shows and laughing with my wife.
  21. Being married for 8 years and all of the congratulations we received from friends and family on our anniversary!
  22. A student making good progress
  23. Forming a plan for backing up my work laptop
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