Gratitude (Dec. 13, 2017 – Jan. 16, 2018)

  1. Having my boot zipper fixed quickly and affordably
  2. Big group for Physics Lunch Club at Mongolian Grill
  3. A former student visiting for Lunch Club
  4. Seeing Neither Wolf Nor Dog at The Elks
  5. Being married for 8 years
  6. All of the congratulations we received from friends and family on our anniversary!
  7. A student making good progress
  8. Forming a plan for backing up my work laptop
  9. Our first Ph.D. graduate from the Physics Department
  10. Being on stage as part of awarding the graduate his degree
  11. Hosting community meal at our house (Dec. 15)
  12. Dropping off my work laptop for repairs
  13. Dropping off my bike for a free one-year servicing
  14. Test riding an electric bike
  15. Submitting all of my Fall Semester grades on time
  16. Safe and on-time flight to Mesa
  17. Enjoying warm weather and sun in Mesa
  18. Writing our annual end of year letter
  19. Writing cards to accompany our end of year letter
  20. Mailing all the letters and cards
  21. Friendly hotel staff
  22. Hot tub
  23. Shopping at Whole Foods
  24. Shopping at Trader Joe’s
  25. Shopping at Sprout’s
  26. Brining home lots of dark chocolate covered dried fruit
  27. Save drive to Kitt Peak National Observatory
  28. Nice dinner for the Kitt Peak program
  29. Watching a beautiful sunset from the peak
  30. Beautiful, clear dark skies
  31. Seeing the Andromeda Galaxy, the Great Orion Nebula, and other celestial wonders through a 16″ telescope.
  32. Safe drive back to Mesa
  33. Great food at many different restaurants, including…
  34. …Lalibella
  35. …Beaver Choice
  36. …Rolberto’s Taco Stand
  37. …Koreatown
  38. Refrigerator and microwave in our room
  39. My wife figured out how to get the hot water in the shower working
  40. Beautiful walk by the river
  41. Fascinating shadows
  42. Delicious and bountiful buffet
  43. Giant Christmas ornament
  44. A stranger who took our photograph in the ornament
  45. Shopping for lights while in Mesa
  46. Beautiful Christmas display in the airport in Rapid City
  47. Safe and warm ride home from the airport
  48. Seeing three other cyclists on the road this morning (Jan. 5)
  49. Interesting and useful D2L training
  50. Successfully printing on the department printer with my linux laptop
  51. Diagnosis of some problems with out furnace
  52. Learning about high efficiency furnaces from my wife
  53. A first lesson in using our sewing marching
  54. Helping my wife repair a ripped seam in my rain pants
  55. Finishing letters of recommendation for a student
  56. One of the institutions let me correct a small error in my letter
  57. My mistake in my travel paperwork did not cost me any money
  58. Celebrating at a friend’s New Year’s Eve party
  59. Good food at the party
  60. One of our friend’s son led us in a mad lib he wrote
  61. Despite the bitterly cold weather, our vehicles are working fine
  62. Picking up my bike
  63. My bike rides well after the servicing
  64. Good conversation with a friend (Jan. 1)
  65. First Physics Lunch Club of the New Year (Jan. 3)
  66. Useful D2L training
  67. Catching up with friends at the Wobbly Table (Jan. 5)
  68. Finishing the syllabus for my spring semester class
  69. Good food and friends at Community Meal (Jan. 5)
  70. My wife successfully navigating slippery roads and rough driveway
  71. Dinner with friends
  72. Vacation photos from friends
  73. First meeting of the Well in the new year
  74. Finding a card at the Newman Center that is a great fit for the Well’s next series
  75. Attending a meeting of the Rapid City Sustainability Committee
  76. A potential new graduate student in my group
  77. First University Band rehearsal of the semester
  78. We have three tuba players in the band this semester
  79. The music is challenging but fun
  80. Interesting and useful presentation on critical thinking
  81. Restaurant Week in Rapid City, during which we ate at…
  82. …Tally’s with friends
  83. …and the Vertex with another couple
  84. Seeing an improv show that starred some of our friends and students
  85. Lunch Club and fundraising at MacKenzie River
  86. The organized moved the day of lunch club to accommodate some of us who could not be there on the usual day
  87. Mild weather
  88. Walking around Canyon Lake
  89. Seeing (and hearing) all the geese and ducks at Canyon Lake
  90. A good walk to the post office and grocery store
  91. Seeing the tracks of different animals, including cats, in the snow
  92. Meeting and petting a 19-year-old cat
  93. Getting our mini-fridge back
  94. Good conversations and food at The Well potluck
  95. Having time off from class preparation and meetings
  96. Watching an interesting documentary on Thurgood Marshall
  97. Good meeting with a colleague about the future of some experimental equipment
  98. Sharing laughs with my wife over story of a problematic physics lab
  99. Finishing a very time-consuming set of reviews
  100. Dinner with friends and a nice view of the city
  101. Physics Lunch Club at Colonial House
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