Gratitude (Jan. 17 – 23, 2017)

  1. Ordering cake for my birthday party
  2. Helping someone in the grocery store
  3. My work laptop repairs are finally finished!
  4. Longer term planning for my class
  5. Dinner with my wife at a nice restaurant
  6. Organizing the vote to choose our next reading at the Wobbly Table
  7. Meeting the new President of SDSM&T at his welcome reception
  8. Dinner at Botticelli
  9. Good food and friends at community meal
  10. Celebrating my birthday at The Elks Theater by watching the original The Day The Earth Stood Still.
  11. Good cake at the party
  12. All of my friends who attended
  13. Learning and important lesson for scheduling the party next time. I did not intend to put it in conflict with the Women’s March.
  14. Babysitting the children of a couple of our friends
  15. The children we very well-behaved
  16. Time to rest this weekend (Jan 20-21)
  17. Finding a very good program to display pictures in my homemade digital picture frame: feh.
  18. Figuring out how to remotely mount a drive from one computer in my house onto another
  19. My wife safely navigating us down a steep and slippery hill.
  20. Interesting colloquium from one of our graduate students
  21. First group meeting with a new graduate student
  22. Getting laundry done in preparation for and upcoming trip
  23. Informative and powerful presentation on the proposed OneHeart transitional housing campus
  24. Lunch club at Great Wall
  25. Cooking taco meat
  26. Starting to pack for my upcoming trip
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