Craig Lehmeier (Oct. 11, 1954 – Jan. 17, 2018)

Craig married my grade school and high school band director Pam in 1993. He was a musician (clarinet player) and band director too, and he sometimes substituted for her. They were a musical team with a lasting influence on many of their students. My wife and I visited him and Pam on our trips to Independence to see my family.

The best testament to his influence in my life is that this Wednesday, I will be playing a tuba in a rehearsal for the University Band at SDSM&T. We have a concert in April. Almost twenty years after I last played in my high school band, I am still making music, and that is thanks in part to Craig.

My favorite memory of Craig is from one Halloween in high school. I went as Peter Criss from KISS. My sister did the makeup and nails. When I went to the band room to borrow a pair of drumsticks to complete the costume, Craig said, “I have a few album covers that look like you!” He was one of the few people who recognized the costume. I will miss him.

Obituary | Craig V. Lehmeier | Edison Funeral Home


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  1. Pam Lehmeier says:

    You were a valued member of the Eau Claire Municipal Band under his direction – don’t forget that!

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