Gratitude (Jan. 24 – 30)

  1. The life and influence of my friend and teacher Craig Lehmeier
  2. Fun band rehearsal
  3. I was well-prepared for class
  4. My new lunch experiment (reuben wrap with homemade sauerkraut) seems to be working well.
  5. Calling in to a meeting where my student gave an update on her research
  6. Finishing a time-consuming and important review process
  7. Finding good books for my wife and me at the library
  8. Finding an e-book from the library for my trip
  9. Finished packing for my trip
  10. Helping my wife while she is sick
  11. Ride to Rapid City airport
  12. Safe and sufficiently punctual flights to Minneapolis, Paris, and Geneva
  13. Finding the right bus to CERN after nearly getting on the bus going the wrong direction
  14. Help from a fellow visitor in finding the right entrance
  15. Helpful guard who let me in to CERN
  16. The room where I am staying is a good deal, conveniently located, and comfortable
  17. Good start to the collaboration meeting, in which I was able to ask a few questions
  18. Catching up with colleagues and good food at the DUNE Collaboration Meeting welcome reception
  19. Invited to dinner at a pizza place with colleagues after the reception
  20. One of my colleagues was able to navigate us out of a building
  21. Interesting, fun, and useful seminar on communicating science
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