Gratitude (Jan. 31 – Feb. 6)

  1. Being able to do laundry on my trip
  2. The view of Geneva from the towers of the Cathedral St. Pierre
  3. Delicious cheese fondue for the collaboration dinner
  4. Visiting the prototype DUNE detectors
  5. Time to explore Geneva before I returned home
  6. Seeing a church where John Calvin preached in Geneva
  7. Dinner at an very nice restaurant with a waiter who happened to speak English
  8. A delicious chocolate shop on an island in the Rhône River
  9. Public transportation to the airport
  10. Safe and punctual flights home
  11. Seeing several colleagues on the way to and at the airport in Geneva
  12. Buying cheese and other souvenirs in the Amsterdam Airport
  13. Beautiful views from the plane on the way home
  14. Watching Frozen for the first time on the way home.
  15. The airport shuttle driver safely navigated bad roads and cold weather to get me home
  16. Time to rest on Sunday after returning
  17. I seem to be over the jet lag now.
  18. Being able to help a friend
  19. Learning about a Buddhist saint at The Well
  20. My laptop was given a clean bill of health upon return
  21. My flexible work schedule
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