Gratitude (Feb. 14 – 20)

  1. Voting early
  2. Meeting with and helping a graduate student progress
  3. Making dinner for my wife and myself.
  4. Brass sectionals in University Band
  5. Inclusion Committee Meeting was short but useful
  6. Interesting and fun simulation of cross-cultural difficulties at the Rapid City Community Conversation
  7. Good food and meeting people at the Conversation
  8. Attending the Environmental Cracker Barrel with state legislators
  9. Biking to and from the Outdoor Campus – West
  10. The campus has a bike rack.
  11. Talking with one of my legislators one-on-one
  12. Pizza and snacks at the cracker barrel
  13. Talking with other people at the cracker barrel
  14. Good food at the Sweetheart Dinner Dance sponsored by the music program
  15. Excellent music, including a brilliant and funny percussion piece with cooking and dining utensils
  16. Taking turns shoveling snow
  17. Not needing to travel much during the snow storm
  18. Day off on Monday (Feb. 19)
  19. Snow day on Tuesday
  20. Successfully getting to and from campus on Tuesday for necessary work on the snow day.
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