Gratitude (Feb. 21-27)

  1. A fun location for our collaboration photo

    Photo credit: Filip Jediny

  2. Safe and sufficiently punctual flights to Austin
  3. Successfully navigating to our hotel
  4. Comfortable hotel room with a good view
  5. Happy hour with colleagues after the first day of collaboration meeting
  6. Successfully navigating my way to campus using the bus
  7. Allowing enough time to find the buildings on an unfamiliar campus
  8. Interesting talks at the collaboration meeting
  9. Good food at the collaboration dinner
  10. Interesting conversations and meeting new colleagues at the dinner
  11. Beautiful view over Lake Travis
  12. Walking to and from the UT campus, including going past the Texas Capitol building
  13. Walking with my wife around downtown Austin, especially the river
  14. Being able to ask useful questions in parallel sessions
  15. Getting safely home from Austin even though our flight was quite delayed
  16. Good food at the Austin and DFW airports
  17. Two strong candidates for collaboration co-spokesperson
  18. A useful workshop on graduate student advising
  19. Writing the midterm for my class
  20. Lunch club at Ichiban
  21. Good meetings with students
  22. Making arrangements for the APS April Meeting
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