Gratitude (Feb. 28 – Mar. 6)

  1. Overcoming some technical difficulties with delivering my midterm
  2. Good conversation with a student
  3. Another student made some needed plots quite quickly.
  4. Small but good IV Prayer meeting
  5. Doing a load of laundry
  6. Helping my wife cook a lot of good food for us
  7. Good discussion at the Wobbly Table
  8. Music, poetry, food, and friends at Community Meal
  9. First time riding my bike to and from a friend’s new house
  10. Attending the last legislative crackerbarrel of the session
  11. Preparing for leading discussion at The Well
  12. Avoiding the blizzard currently in nearby parts of the state
  13. Talking with my parents
  14. Leading a well-received discussion at The Well based on this theme:
  15. Watching a movie with music we will be playing in our upcoming concert
  16. Online conversation with a good friend
  17. Planning for the rest of this break
  18. Shopping for pens
  19. Van being repaired
  20. Being able to bike to and from the mechanic
  21. Interesting conversation with one of the mechanics about tires
  22. Lunch club at Murphy’s
  23. Catching up with a former student at lunch club
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