Gratitude (Mar. 7 – 20)

  1. Being able to drive my wife home from the airport
  2. Meeting with a student via videoconference
  3. Getting some e-mails answered
  4. Giving a tour of my lab to a group of high school students, some of whom seemed genuinely interested
  5. Interview with a postdoc candidate
  6. Good conversation about self-image with a friend
  7. Ride from a colleague to and from the Hill City Science Fair
  8. Being a judge at the fair
  9. Time to rest and recover while being sick
  10. Clocks that automatically adjust to daylight saving time
  11. Good food and leaning about Paul Robeson at The Well
  12. Taking the day off to recuperate while sick
  13. My wife bringing me a cheeseburger
  14. Effective cough syrup letting me sleep
  15. Good pies for Pi Day
  16. Fun events, including a pie eating contest, for pie day
  17. Riding home from campus with my wife
  18. Warm weather to melt the snow and clear the roads
  19. Good discussion about the Sermon on the Mount and Easter Eggs at The Well
  20. Helping my wife make soup
  21. Interesting colloquium (Mar. 19)
  22. Good meeting with my research group
  23. Being sufficiently prepared for class
  24. Trimming my beard
  25. Lunch club at Tally’s
  26. Sitting at the “community table” at Tally’s. Apparently the community table is what it sounds like. It is a big table that anyone can sit at if they like. It turned out to be a great opportunity for Richard to tell some local residents about our program.
  27. On of my favorite TV shows (Timeless) is on the air for a second season
  28. The 11th season of The X-Files is airing too
  29. Another great show, Red Dwarf, is on Britbox
  30. Meeting with a prospective graduate student
  31. Making some decisions about student admissions
  32. Being able to stay home and recover while sick (Mar. 12)
  33. Calling and getting a reply about a TV station that seems not to be transmitting
  34. Morning prayer group with InterVarsity
  35. Dinner with friends (Mar. 17)
  36. An amazing performance of Fiddler on the Roof by the SDSM&T Drama Club
  37. Planning a visit from my parents and sister for this summer
  38. Finding the last box of a certain curry powder on the shelf a the grocery store
  39. The wide selection on Netflix DVD service
  40. My wife loves me!
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