Gratitude List (Mar. 28 – Apr. 10)

  1. Our final faculty candidate’s visit
  2. Tentative plans for dinner with friends
  3. Good session of a workshop about making learning more inclusive
  4. Editing one of my collaboration’s entry on Wikipedia
  5. Important discussions with my department chair
  6. Being well prepared for my class despite a difficult start to the morning (Apr. 2)
  7. Time to talk with my wife after class
  8. Finding reconstructions of lost Doctor Who episodes
  9. Getting the bulk of our tax information inputted.
  10. Catching up with my sister on the phone
  11. Good food and conversations about recipes at The Well potluck
  12. Catching up on sleep (Apr. 8)
  13. Finished reading a document I volunteered to review
  14. Having more prepared for class than I needed (Apr. 9)
  15. Good meeting with one of my students about his computer programming exercise
  16. Safe drive to Laramie, WY, despite unpleasant weather and some slippery roads (Apr. 6)
  17. Arriving in time to have dinner with a friend
  18. Excellent and hilarious improve show featuring Colin and Brad from Whose Line is it Anyway? 
  19. The volunteers for the sound effects game were very good.
  20. A safe drive back in better weather
  21. Getting some needed work done during the drive
  22. Using my wife’s laptop to listen to and watch Garfield and Friends during the drive
  23. Finding ginger ale at a travel stop along the way
  24. Our final faculty search committee meeting
  25. Good conversation with a long-time friend
  26. Buying and transporting home a load of compost for our garden
  27. Being a judge at the High Plains Regional Science and Engineering Fair
  28. The show from the Black Hills Raptor Center at the fair
  29. My wife’s interview at the fair was broadcast on the morning news!
  30. My wife was able to record her news appearance on our DVR
  31. Finding lunch despite the unexpected cancellation of Lunch Club (Apr. 3)
  32. Time to relax on Easter Sunday
  33. Trying a (very diluted) bleach bath for the first time
  34. Editing the NOvA entry on Wikipedia
  35. Inclusion Committee meeting (Mar. 29)
  36. Netflix still delivers DVDs
  37. Watching Darkwing Duck and finding it is as fun as I remember
  38. Working with my wife to fertilize, till, amend, and prepare our garden beds for planting
  39. Lunch club at a new restaurant
  40. Making a plan for this week and travel this weekend
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