Gratitude (Apr. 11 – 17)

  1. Our final regular band rehearsal before our concert went well
  2. My wife planted peas on our garden, and we already have garlic and green onion sprouts
  3. While I am not pleased about the forecast storm for Apr. 13 because I am planning to fly out that day, I am grateful for the weather forecasting technology that allows me to prepare for it.
  4. Time to visit a friend due to cancelled flight on Apr. 13
  5. Time to spend with my wife due to snow day for my employer on Apr. 13
  6. Finally flying out of Rapid City on Apr. 14
  7. Despite many obstacles, and needing to switch airlines, we arrived in Columbus in time for the APS April Meeting.
  8. The patience and good humor of my students as we overcame those obstacles.
  9. My presentation and stint as session chair went well
  10. We found affordable and functional lodging within walking distance (for me) of the meeting location
  11. Catching up with many friends and colleagues while in Columbus
  12. Getting to know my students better
  13. This was my first APS meeting!
  14. Keeping in touch with my wife while I was away
  15. Visiting past favorite restaurants with friends while in Columbus
  16. Attending many interesting talks at the meeting, including some given by friends of mine
  17. Lots of good food near the convention center
  18. Learning about physicists fighting for human rights, including Narges Mohammadi
  19. Learning more about pioneering women in astronomy
  20. It all happened under the watchful biceps of Arnold
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