Gratitude (Apr. 18 – May 1)

  1. Participating in the March for Science
  2. The cat (a black cat named Sabbath, get it?) who marched for science
  3. The opportunity to be a the featured speaker at the end of the march
  4. All of the compliments I received on my speech afterwards
  5. Good presentations in class
  6. Interesting colloquium from one of our students
  7. Getting boxes and starting to inventory in preparation for our lab move
  8. Listening to part of the SDSMT orchestra concert on Facebook
  9. Safe and on-time flights back home from Columbus
  10. Arriving in time to teach class upon my return
  11. Getting takeout for dinner before our final band rehearsal
  12. Getting takeout before our band concert
  13. Getting to know one of the other tuba players in the band while waiting for the concert to start
  14. The very good performances of the other two bands
  15. The theme for the concert was “Battle of the Bands,” and the announce for the “battle” did an great job. He made the theme work
  16. We won the battle of the bands!
  17. After many months of trying, we were finally able to get together with friends at a great Thai restaurant
  18. Selecting the railing for our deck rebuilding project.
  19. Learning about the Holy Shift tour at The Well (Apr. 22)
  20. Reviewing several important documents (Apr. 23)
  21. Physics Lunch Club at Mongolian Grill
  22. Interesting posters by students in the Technical Communication class
  23. The opportunity to give my wife a ride to the airport
  24. Her flights were safe and she arrived on time.
  25. I was able to keep our garden and indoor seedlings watered while she was gone, and several of them sprouted!
  26. Difficult but important meeting with a colleague
  27. Buying a new bike bag and other items for my bike.
  28. Learning how my wife might be able to more easily adjust her handlebars
  29. Biking to the final Physics Department social of the semester
  30. Good food at the social
  31. Learning more about my colleagues at the social
  32. Finished writing the final exam for my class
  33. My wife’s flights home were safe, and she made her connection
  34. Watching my wife’s plane land at the airport
  35. Taking her home from the airport
  36. Starting a new book with The Well
  37. Checking out a book on Lakota star knowledge from the library
  38. Finishing online cybersecurity training
  39. Encouraging words from friends at a difficult time
  40. The overwhelming graciousness of one of my friends
  41. Getting our lab mostly packed an inventoried for a temporary relocation over the summer.
  42. Taking possession of our new vehicle
  43. The willingness of the seller to go the extra mile to resolve some last-minute difficulties.
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