Gratitude (May 2 – 22)

  1. Getting our lab mostly packed an inventoried for a temporary relocation over the summer.
  2. Taking possession of our new vehicle
  3. The willingness of the seller to go the extra mile to resolve some last-minute difficulties.
  4. My grad students did a great job packing and labeling our lab in preparation for the move
  5. Visiting with friends
  6. Learning how to operate some of the features in our new vehicle!
  7. When our van’s battery died, it was across the street from an auto parts store
  8. Successfully changing a car battery with my wife, a first for both of us
  9. A good and encouraging conversation with a longtime friend
  10. Shuttle to the Rapid City airport
  11. Safe and on-time flights from Rapid City to Indianapolis
  12. Catching an earlier shuttle from Indianapolis to Bloomington than I expected
  13. Staying with my friends in Bloomington while attending the NOvA Collaboration Meeting
  14. Getting rides to and sometimes from the meeting from my hosts
  15. Beautiful weather for the collaboration picnic
  16. Good food and catching up with colleagues at the picnic
  17. Honoring our departing co-spokesperson 
  18. Photograph of past and current Indiana University people on NOvA
  19. Having fun playing corn hole
  20. The van back from the picnic dropped me of two blocks from where I am staying
  21. Great food at Anatolia after the meeting (May 10)
  22. Deep and fascinating discussion about the laws of physics, Turing Machines, and Gödel’s incompleteness theorems over dinner
  23. Going to a place I remembered for lunch (May 10)
  24. Interesting thesis talk after lunch
  25. Getting several e-mails answered in the morning
  26. Making scrambled eggs for my hosts on my final morning there
  27. Seeing wildlife and a nice view of a lake during a walk through the woods near my hosts’ house
  28. My past antenna research and experience may be useful for them.
  29. Walking to the hotel for the shuttle to the airport
  30. Safe and punctual shuttle ride to the airport in Indianapolis
  31. Good lunch at the airport
  32. Safe, punctual, and quick flight to O’Hare
  33. My shuttle driver from O’Hare to Fermilab was willing to deal with some unexpected changes along the way
  34. Good weather for the walk from where I picked up the keys to my actual lodging
  35. Trying out the Fermilab bike share program
  36. Trying out Fermilab’s Zipcar to get dinner
  37. Important and helpful conversations with colleagues at the DUNE Collaboration Meeting
  38. Meeting with a friend at Country House in Geneva, IL
  39. Having Chinese food and catching up with friends at their house
  40. Riding one of the bike shares to and meeting with another friend at one of my favorite breakfast places
  41. Catching up with a friend over Chicago style pizza
  42. Very affordable lodging at Fermilab
  43. Laundry facilities in the building where I stayed
  44. Good food and conversation at the Collaboration Dinner
  45. Amazingly detailed chalk DUNE logo for our collaboration photo
  46. Dinner and catching up with a friend at one my favorite Thai restaurants
  47. Going for ice cream for dessert
  48. The aiport shuttle picked me up at Fermilab
  49. Safe, punctual, and non-stop flight from O’Hare to Rapid City
  50. Learning the basics of plane spotting
  51. Airport shuttle back to my home
  52. My wife had the upstairs bathroom repainted while I was gone, and it looks nice
  53. Time to rest after returning from my trip
  54. Making bacon and french toast at home with my wife
  55. Watching M*A*S*H with my wife
  56. Beautiful postcard form a friend traveling in Europe (card from Ireland, mailed from France)
  57. How much the garden grew while I was gone
  58. Getting the winter tires out of the car and into garage storage
  59. Starting our whole house exhaust fan again for the summer
  60. Showering our newly repainted bathroom for the first time
  61. Removing some clutter from my temporary lab space
  62. Lunch club at Guadalajara’s
  63. Good meeting with my wife and a colleague 
  64. Starting my summer meeting schedule with students
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