Gratitude (May 23 – June 5)

  1. Helping my wife install some new light-blocking shades in our bedroom windows
  2. Important and encouraging meetings with colleagues
  3. Allen Sherman
  4. Seeing Black Panther at The Elks
  5. Our departmental meeting with the University’s President
  6. Good conversation with a long time friend
  7. My eyes are healthy and I do not need to change my eyeglass prescription
  8. Being able to work from home
  9. Helping my wife work in the garden and for the amazing amount of hard work she has done to plant it and help it grow!
  10. Getting a lot of work done around the house (May 28)
  11. Good discussion at the Wobbly Table (May 25)
  12. Visiting a friend
  13. Good discussion of imperfections at The Well (May 27)
  14. Getting packed for my trip to Minneapolis (May 29)
  15. The tremendous amount of work my wife has done in tilling and planting our garden
  16. Our first harvest from the garden (volunteer baby kale)!
  17. Safe and on-time shuttle ride to the Rapid City airport
  18. Due to a flight delay, I was unable to present at a phone meeting, but the organizer was very understanding
  19. I arrived in Minneapolis in time for all of my personal and professional meetings.
  20. The light rail system that took me to and from the airport
  21. Meeting with good friends and enjoying good food, memories, and update sat Annie’s Parlour.
  22. My AirBNB was affordable and in an excellent location
  23. Taking a shadow shift was very helpful in learning what has changed since the previous time I took a shift.
  24. Dinner with a friend from high school who now lives in the Twin Cities
  25. The opportunity to teach the person who shadow shifted with me during my first day on shift.
  26. A thrift shop near where I stayed allowed by to buy a few items I had forgotten to pack.
  27. My shifts went well overall.
  28. I was able to properly report and document the few problems that did occur while I was on shift
  29. I found good food to make for lunch while on shift
  30. Good weather for walking around campus after my shifts
  31. Visiting the Mississippi River on the U of MN campus
  32. Keeping in touch with my wife while I was away
  33. Good dinner at the Minneapolis Airport
  34. I am a getting better at plane spotting. I can tell the difference among a 737, an A320, and an A321.
  35. Safe and punctual flight back to Rapid City
  36. Shuttle ride back home with interesting conversation and a chance to talk about my work.
  37. Seeing A Wrinkle in Time at The Elks. I recommend it!
  38. Finishing a bunch of travel paperwork
  39. I was able to have a check I had forgotten re-issued and cashed.
  40. Meeting with my students after my trip.
  41. Watching my wife’s team play softball in two games, including a thrilling that ended in a 10-10 tie. She had some great plays, hits, and runs! (June 4)
  42. Having enough flexibility in my schedule to wait out the computer problems at my polling place. 
  43. Physics Lunch Club at Olive Garden (June 5)
  44. Planning for my class in the Fall
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