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Craig married my grade school and high school band director Pam in 1993. He was a musician (clarinet player) and band director too, and he sometimes substituted for her. They were a musical team with a lasting influence on many … Continue reading

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Gratitude (Jan. 17 – 23, 2017)

Ordering cake for my birthday party Helping someone in the grocery store My work laptop repairs are finally finished! Longer term planning for my class Dinner with my wife at a nice restaurant Organizing the vote to choose our next … Continue reading

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Gratitude (Dec. 13, 2017 – Jan. 16, 2018)

Having my boot zipper fixed quickly and affordably Big group for Physics Lunch Club at Mongolian Grill A former student visiting for Lunch Club Seeing Neither Wolf Nor Dog at The Elks Being married for 8 years All of the … Continue reading

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Gratitude (Dec. 6 – 12)

Learning how to improve the sound quality and crop some of my video recordings My interview with SDPB is online The people who have complimented me or otherwise responded positively to the interview Booking the venue for an upcoming celebration … Continue reading

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South Dakota’s First Physics PhDs!¬†

On Saturday, Dec. 16, I will have the honor of being the Physics Department representative at the graduation ceremony where we will officially confer the first Physics Ph.D. in our school’s history and one of the first two in the … Continue reading

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Gratitude (Nov. 15 – Dec. 5, 2017)

Thanksgiving and the end of the semester have been busy times, and I have not kept up on my gratitude lists. To make up for the gap, here is a triple-length edition! My new 128 GB USB drive arrived The … Continue reading

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Faith And Science: My Interview on South Dakota Public Radio!

My interview about faith and science is online at SDPB! Of our hour-long conversation, about half an our was aired. Source: Faith And Reason Coexist Within Physicist And Christian Luke Corwin In case you are interested, here are some of … Continue reading

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Gratitude (Nov. 8 – 14)

Major cleaning and organization of our home office A student helping me fix an error with our Entertainment PC Learning how to transfer VHS tapes to digital format using¬†our Entertainment PC Good food and conversation at our church’s weekly pot … Continue reading

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Gratitude (Nov. 1 – 7)

Attending 3 of the faculty forums for SDSM&T Presidential candidates Good and short meeting about our department website Dinner with my wife before band rehearsal My wife auditioned for a solo in our upcoming concert My student returned safely from … Continue reading

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Gratitude (Oct. 25 – 31)

Catching up with friends and their little boy Productive Institutional Board meeting Connecting my graduate student with other members of the collaboration Chicago style pizza with two graduate students Tasty appetizers before the pizza Catching up with other friends while … Continue reading

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